Forget traditional venture capital

New revolutionary
form of crowdfunding - skilvesting

More than traditional capital partner
Skilvest works together with startups and skilled mentors to scale innovations from scratch up to venture rounds and beyound

Skilvest is a community formed by young and skilled talents. Instead of direct capital investments, mentors are willing to invest their most valuable assets: Their time and skill to grow innovative ideas. Skilvest offers a framework where professionals can easily invest their know-how into startups, as well as providing a growth platform for young talents and startups. In the end, every developer, artist, designer or entrepreneur will have complete control over their work while our task is simply to connect the missing dots.

One leading aspects of Skilvest vision, beside making ideas reality, is to offer opportunities for graduates and young professionals to grow together with experienced mentors. In this way, mentors provide a service for the whole society by transferring the industry best practices and silent knowledge forward to new generations.

How it works

When a startup has a project needing our attention, the first thing we do is mapping the requirements we need to accomplish and whether the idea is viable from our perspective to proceed. If the idea is promising, we should setup a company for the startup, if the initial team has not done that yet.

Our next task will be to find best combination of mentors and interns for the job from Skilvest community. This can range from one single software developer to a full team with lawyers, sales, engineering and so on. When we are certain that we have the right people solving the right problems, we define the project and agree on compensation level.

When the defined project has been completed, the startup company will transfer stocks or options to Skilvest. Skilvest interfaces as single entity with the startup, and there is no need to make separate agreements with each of the team members. During the time when the shares will have real worth, Skilvest will distribute the holdings to the involved mentors and interns according to their share in the project.