the future
young professionals and talents

the smartest and most succesful people did not learn their craft in school. It's always a mentor, a particularly transformative job, a period of experimentation, or trial and error.

An intern can be almost anyone from an early stage student to professionals changing their career paths. As an intern team member, you will be participating in the daily work of the startup.

The startup has a project that you would be working on together with your mentor. Projects can range from building prototypes or designing websites, to legal matters or marketing. Your background really doesn’t matter since there is demand for virtually any kind of skill set.

Why participate?

As Skilvest member, you have a great opportunity to work with the best ideas out in the market. You get exposed to industry best practices, as well as bleeding edge technologies used by top experts in the field. These things won’t be taught in school and learning from hardcore professionals is your lifetime opportunity to develop as a true professional.

One of the most important things when starting your career is to form connections with the startup world, as well as with more experienced mentors opening you possible job opportunities and giving you visibility to a wide range of companies.

Your compensation

While usually startups may not have cash to pay a salary upfront, you will have the possibility to earn through options to their stocks. You can consider yourself as an investor, as well as one of the founding members of the company.

Finally, if you are student, we have partner universities that can provide recognition of credits for the work you perform with us, and therefore speed up your graduation.