Transforming the world

with right people in the right time

Skilvest concept offers a way for resource limited startup to develop and scale their idea without burning cash. Through Skilvest network of experts it is often only possible way to prototype or test your ideas before going public or presenting it to investors.

Framework from startup perspective

When you have an project and you need help to scale it, skilvest process is straight forward:

Apart from just being team of experts, we have wide amount of tools for example well equiped lab space, servers as well as components for mock ups and prototypes.

Building dream team

The main purpose of Skilvest is to connect right people to best ideas. It is well known that one of the biggest problems with early stage startups is to get access to wide range of professionals. At the same time there are plenty of talented engineers, designers, lawyers and other professionals, looking possibilities to work and invest in startups. Through Skilvest framework you have access to team formed by mentors presenting bleeding edge solutions to your problems as well as talented graduates to do the hard lifting.

For example industrial designer might have really cool innovation, but lacks necessary knowledge to build electronics or hardware for the early stage concept prototypes. Even with funding the whole idea might be lost when right people are not found to take concept forward.

When you find great people matching your needs, after completed project there is no limitations hiring them directly or taking them as founders of the company and this is strongly encouraged by us!

Solving problems without burning capital

Many times fresh companies run into issue that is not their core competence but needs solution. Traditionally consultants are used in this situation, but for startups they are just too expensive. Skilvest offers solution to this problem since startup can purchase services by issuing stocks or options for compensation instead of burning precious cash for purchases. In this way we also make sure that everyone working in project is fully committed and are genuinely interested to find right solutions.

This financing method will greatly speed up your development process but will to some extent dilute your own share in the company. However it is better to get smaller share from big cake than having a large share of no cake at all.